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Appetizer From Sushi Bar

raw 1. Sushi Appetizer 10.00
spicy 2. Spicy Tuna Gyoza
Light fried gyoza on bed of special sauce
raw 3. Sashimi Appetizer 10.00
raw 4. Yellowtail Jalapeno
Slice yellowtail and jalapeno w. special sauce
raw 5. Sexy Salmon
Seared salmon and mango, jalapeno w. chef special sauce, seaweed salad on top
raw 6. Kimchi White Tuna
5 pcs white tuna torched w. Jalapeno chili powder, served w. special sauce
raw 7. Tuna Tataki or Pepper Tuna Tataki 10.00
8. Tri Color Sashimi
Tuna, yellowtail, salmon and tobiko w. 3 different sauce